DealerRater for Developers

Status Entity

Every response to every API call you make will include a Status attribute. Elements within this entity will tell you whether or not the server call you made succeeded or failed.

Sample Status XML

Status Attributes

Code int Identifies the main response code. These are enumerated in the section below.
SubCode string A string in the format #-# that identifies a particular error code. This is only set on error conditions and can be used to determine why a particular API call failed. The majority of these codes are specific to a given API and should be documented alongside those APIs. There are a few common ones that are documented below.
Message string A human-readable descriptive string explaining why an API call failed. This is really useful only for consumers of the API -- the values contains here should not be piped directly to end users.

Code Values

The Code attribute will always be set to one of the following values:

200 Indicates a successful API call. The SubCode is meaningless.
400 Indicates a failed API call. There are certain error conditions that are checked on the server and reported back to callers. The specific business error can be deduced from the SubCode.
401 Indicates an authorization failure. An API call was made for which you are not authorized. This can have any number of root causes and will depend on the specific API in question.
500 Indicates a system error. 500 error codes do not set the SubCode. These are unexpected errors that we have not explicitly handled on the server.

Common SubCodes

All APIs could return the following SubCode error conditions (as part of a 400 error response) under certain circumstances.

1-0 You attempted to call an API that has a required request parameter, but the parameter was not present OR a request parameter could not be parsed (e.g., you passed in generic alphanumeric data for an int input).
1-1 For APIs that accept JSON or XML as part of the post, this error indicates that the server was unable to deserialize the data you sent. It likely means that there are invalid elements/attributes or corrput data.
1-2 For APIs that accept JSON or XML as part of the post, this error indicates that there was a validation failure somewhere in the data you posted (maybe you omitted a required element, for example).
1-6 For APIs that accept Dealer ID, this error indicates that the Dealer ID requested is either invalid or no longer exists.