DealerRater for Developers

Manufacturers Collection

Use this API to retrieve a complete list of manufacturers our system supports. Other APIs in our system receive and send Manufacturer IDs; in order to map those IDs to meaningful values (Ford, Acura, smart, etc) you need to know what ID maps to each manufacturer. The set of manufacturers is highly static and can be safely mapped to an enumerated type in client code. The list is only very rarely added to, in the case of new manufacturers coming to market.


Common Request Parameters

All APIs support the following request parameters, in addition to any API specific parameters.

t json or xml. Identifies if you want to communicate in JSON or XML format. t=xml
s Your DealerRater supplied security token. This must be sent with every request. s=00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000
method GET, INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE. Identifies the REST verb. method=GET


Use the GET verb to retrieve the complete list of manufacturers.

Request Parameters

This API does not accept any additional parameters.

Request XML/JSON

This API does not accept XML or JSON data in the request.


The API will respond with an XML or JSON document with the complete set of manufacturers. A sample XML response is indicated in the code block below, with a downloadable sample mock provided in either XML or JSON format. Note that the response document will include references to the following object types:

Entity Description
Status API call status.
Manufacturer Defines a single Manufacturer in the system.


This API does not support the INSERT verb.


This API does not support the UPDATE verb.


This API does not support the DELETE verb.