DealerRater for Developers

Dealer Employee Reviews Collection

This is a consumer-oriented API that can be used to retrieve a paginated list of reviews for a particular employee in a particular dealer. The API only supports the GET verb (fetching data). Note that the results of this API are cached on the DealerRater servers for optimization purposes (as such, new and/or updated employees might not be available through this API for a short while). The reviews are always returned with the latest review first, with older reviews following in descending chronological order.


dealerId Set this to the ID of the dealer the employee is in.
employeeId Set this to the ID of the employee.

For example, the URL for the reviews collection for dealer ID 47 and employee ID 10 is /Dealers/47/Employees/10/Reviews.

Common Request Parameters

All APIs support the following request parameters, in addition to any API specific parameters.

t json or xml. Identifies if you want to communicate in JSON or XML format. t=xml
s Your DealerRater supplied security token. This must be sent with every request. s=00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000
method GET, INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE. Identifies the REST verb. method=GET


Use the GET verb to retrieve reviews for a given employee in a given dealer.

Request Parameters

startItem Used to identify the first item in the paged collection to be returned. If you set this to 20, then the response will include reviews starting at review #20. startItem=20 0
itemsPerPage Identifies the number of items to be returned with each page of results. itemsPerPage=20 MAX_INT

Request XML/JSON

This API does not accept XML or JSON data in the request.


The API will respond with an XML or JSON document with the reviews for the given dealer/employee and the given request criteria. A sample XML response is indicated in the code block below, with a downloadable sample mock provided in either XML or JSON format. Note that the response document will include references to the following object types:

StatusAPI call status.
PagingContextPaging criteria.
ReviewDefines a single Review in the system.


This API does not support the INSERT verb.


This API does not support the UPDATE verb.


This API does not support the DELETE verb.